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To serve the emotionally and physically or intellectually challenged persons through our equine friends and through a comprehensive program of equine activities.

Serendipity Equine Haven is a Christian based 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults sponsored by Christ Truth League. We promote a holistic concept of health within the Body, Mind and Spirit by changing and enriching lives with equine assisted activities. Activities are individually tailored to meet the needs of youth and adults who may be mentally, physically or emotionally challenged.

Debra Truman, Director


Serendipity Equine Haven: Where Dreams are Born and Hopes are Raised!


After dealing with a family tragedy, Debra Truman and her husband, Dr. Michael Truman, focused their energy by creating Serendipity Equine Haven. Serendipity has a vision that stretches beyond the county line to many. Keeping true to its name, this non-profit organization provides positive, life-changing experiences to those in need.

Located in DFW Metroplex area, Serendipity Equine Haven is the only organization that provides free-of-charge equine assisted activities for children and adolescents who are intellectually challenged, physically handicapped, or exhibit behavioral problems. Serendipity Equine Haven offers a comfortable environment for its riders and volunteers on an eight-acre ranch.

“My daughters are ADHD and riding at Serendipity Equine Haven has done wonders for their ability to focus and complete tasks related to earning riding time”

Single Dad

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