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with NO fuss, NO judgmentalism, and NOT draining your money and time?

In the center of the Metroplex is a BEAUTIFUL old chapel for non-denominational, Christian or non-religious civil marriage ceremonies. No witnesses required, couple-only is not rare – or bring your small group of relatives/friends. No fuss, no questioning and the ceremony will be sincere, real, meaningful and truly your unique special day – for the rest of your lives together. You decide the nature of ceremony and vows you wish – in detail or just say whether you wish it religious or not. You can read the ceremonies and vows on the website if wish (not required) or make any changes you wish. It is YOUR marriage, not the courthouse’s wedding.

In addition to this wonderful and romantic little chapel in the woods, you can return to reflect on one of the most wonderful and should be more beautiful days of your life – or just enjoy the serenity – We will come to your new home or apartment or favorite spot – whether a park, at a lake or the restaurant you proposed at or first met, some couples will pick their parents or best friend’s house. And a Civil or Religious Officiant for your special wedding. Witnesses allowed – but NEVER required. It can just be the 2 of you. Make your wedding day YOUR DREAM wedding day.

It really is a very important moment of your life and the quality of the day will reflect in the quality of your marriage in wonderful ways.